INDIA: The next ‘Skill Capital’ of the world?

The Development of every country lies in the foundation of its young population

India stands out amongst most crowded nations of the world due to its youthful residents. By 2022, about 70 % of the country’s population might be of the working age. Skill training is the first priority of the government due to the existing working populace. Unskilled labor in a technologically advancing world has from a bare minimum to no value. Around 2.3% of the workforce in the nation, has formal skill training. The dream of changing India’s unskilled workforce into skilled will be dealt with a heavy competition from existing skilled labor of developed and developing countries. The government has to additionally consider that more than 5 million students drop out of the training framework every year. The students who complete their training face issues in the industry sector as high dropout rate after employment has also been observed.

CSR’s – A ray of hope

The task of building skill development opportunities for the youth cannot be accomplished by the government alone. Regardless of how huge the assigned budget is, the administration needs to finds a way to join hands with the private sector, to bring about a positive change in the numbers of unskilled labourers. Continue reading “INDIA: The next ‘Skill Capital’ of the world?”