5 E’s of Successful skill India Mission!

The Skill India movement launched in 2015 has brought about hope and faith to the underprivileged youth of India. Why was it an essential step in the development of India? India has the second largest population with the highest youth force. The youth determines the country’s future and a definite future needs to be aligned for the youth to improve it. Tomorrow, these individuals will determine the country’s economy, welfare and development.

As the Skill India Program was launched, multiple factors were taken into consideration. This shows an extremely well thought plan to build a strong base for the next generation of the country.

Let’s take a look at the five E’s that gives the skill India project the stand that it deserves.

Employment rate:

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Industries, NGO’s & The Government: The Connecting Dots

The huge chain of networks that exists in everyone’s life is bound by a pattern of dots – the dots to connect different relations, different emotions, different choices, and different preferences, which come together to complete you as a person of unique identity.

Not beating around the bush, let’s understand the concept of dots! The learning process in India has always been complex, where there is an idea of a network, but lack of implementation. The need for change requires this idea to transform into a well-defined concept, tagged as an ecosystem, where the dots are the key stakeholders, each of them placed at different positions with different sets of responsibilities that can have completely different reactions in the building of a new, sustainable ecosystem, if connected in the correct pattern.

It’s not always about the goal, sometimes it’s about the role!

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