INDIA: The next ‘Skill Capital’ of the world?

The Development of every country lies in the foundation of its young population

India stands out amongst most crowded nations of the world due to its youthful residents. By 2022, about 70 % of the country’s population might be of the working age. Skill training is the first priority of the government due to the existing working populace. Unskilled labor in a technologically advancing world has from a bare minimum to no value. Around 2.3% of the workforce in the nation, has formal skill training. The dream of changing India’s unskilled workforce into skilled will be dealt with a heavy competition from existing skilled labor of developed and developing countries. The government has to additionally consider that more than 5 million students drop out of the training framework every year. The students who complete their training face issues in the industry sector as high dropout rate after employment has also been observed.

CSR’s – A ray of hope

The task of building skill development opportunities for the youth cannot be accomplished by the government alone. Regardless of how huge the assigned budget is, the administration needs to finds a way to join hands with the private sector, to bring about a positive change in the numbers of unskilled labourers.

Corporates launched various CSR’s that have helped in developing the skill India program. Few are mentioned below:

Initiatives of the Corporates

IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. has aligned with NSDC to create the IL&FS Skills Development Corporation (ISDC). It’s mission is to train 4 million people by 2022. They have initiated skill development programmes for agriculture, services, engineering and construction sectors.

The Mahindra Pride Schools under the Livelihood training program provides vocational training for the socially and economically disadvantaged communities. The youth, belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes can access skill development programs, thereby empowering them and their families to earn their livelihoods through skilled labour.

GE Healthcare launched a mission known as “Yogya Bharat” or “Gifted India” that works towards improving the skilled healthcare labour that exists today. They plan on bringing more hands into the healthcare industry by introducing new education modules and systematic skill development plans to aid the youth in joining the healthcare industry without spending too many years in education.

Fiat India launched ‘Diksha’, a two year long skill training program for the youth from disadvantaged communities. They target orphans and the poor who are not able to avail education and as a result, are unable to earn respectable jobs in the society. The course will be taught to match the level of training of an ITI course. The course is accredited by the National Council for Vocational Training, India.

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow

Envisioning a dream and making it a reality takes time, effort and planning. The government has been taking the right steps and partnering with the right corporates to produce equipped and skilled workforce that can face the dynamic nature of various industries.  In any case, there is an enormous gap to bridge. Empowering the youth is the primary motive.

The skilled workforce of a country determines its future and the future of India is exhibiting great promise.






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