An Igniter Of Fire For Peace

A boy standing at a distance watching the school, and the children, all dressed in grey and white, with cheerful and content faces, moving toward the building of success. With a deep sigh, the boy continued selling the balloon in the corner of the street. Has god not been unfair?

63% of Indian population is still uneducated either due to lack of availability or because of the financial crisis, and guess what! this is not the only issue to deal with. There’s this huge gap in the society that needs to be filled before it’s too late. Someone needs to be the change, to see the change

Some might say, an initiator might not be a winner but is a game changer. It would not be unlikely to say NGOs are the real game changers of the society-the society, that not only does need guidance but a thorough assistance and acceptance.

When we talk about the key changers or initiators engaged in the upliftment of the youth, and ultimately society, there comes in mind about few extremely prominent NGOs who have made it their motive to help society and uplift each individual life that remains underprivileged.

The concept of change!

You plant a tree and might not get time to take care of it because you are already caught up in your other works and eventually the plant dies, imagine about a helping hand which takes up a responsibility to take care of not just your plant, but many other such plants which are care deprived. Unable to get through? The tree is the underprivileged division of the public and the assistance is the Ngo. Which in nutshell entireties up as it’s a hand that backs support and inspires through lawful and physical rights for the improvement of itself and the society.

Some NGOs have even contributed to policy-making on critical issues. With pen reach in the sector in terms of accountability, transparency, and ability to address equity concerns they are regarded as the choice and voice of the people. In the end, they seem to be groups of individuals organized for multiple reasons that include human aspirations, their betterment and the area of interest that prevails over the search for the common good. While they remain key players in the development arena globally, they have the favorable view by the international community.

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side”

Like the two sides of the coin, NGOs too have a darker side. Undoubtedly, they have been playing a proactive role in protecting and upholding the society and the democratic values of the country. However, many NGOs in India have come under the red scanner and their functioning must be seen with suspicion. This is major because of loss of credibility and lack of accountability with NGOs in India. Although this is not true with all the NGOs, it is certainly true that the red spot is on many NGOs across various regions in the country.

“The fire is always bright and clean”

Hence to conclude, the bright light with burning flames that’s illuminates the darkness of the society in terms of education, poverty, rights, and upliftment has an eclipse too. Thus, it becomes our duty to make sure that the brighter one is supported and the dark rests in disdain where the ratio of brightness over powers the darkness, helping to choose the right and to the betterment of the Nation.


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